A Crystal Grid infused with both Reiki healing energy and IET energy (Integrated Energy Therapy). In IET, we work to energetically release detrimental emotions stored in the body & the psyche. This month we will be releasing a lawyer of stress and powerlessness while integrating a sense of ease and a strong sense of self.

Included with this grid--and released on the Full Moon--will be a Tarot card pull and an intuitively chosen recipe by Jenna Capalbo!

Delivered to your inboxes on May's Full Moon!

This grid will send 24 hour continuous healing energy to each participant, and will incorporate the elements of earth, air, water, and fire. Four grid guardians are chosen, with messages for participants of the grid. Conducted remotely; a comprehensive voice note description of the grid setup, and the guides' messages, will be sent via email.

Exchange: By donation
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