Amanta (n.) The end of the day of the new moon. The space between the exhale and the inhale; the thorn and the rose; the shadow and the light.

 Realize your inner strength. Uncover clarity. Create your peace. 


 What Clients Have Said: 

About Readings:
"Your readings always resonate with me...thank you so much!"
"I loved it! Thank you so much. So cool how they always say the right things at the right time."
"I found these messages really powerful and anxiety-reducing."
"This reading was so beautiful, and amazing. I want to read it over and over 1,000 times."
"So perfectly timed to have this reading. I feel incredibly calm."
About Healings:
"This was life-changing."
"I feel so at ease."
"Thank you so much for that experience! You are amazing Kellie!"
"This was the best night of sleep I got all week."
"This healing was mind-blowing!"
"Even my back felt much better as the day went on."


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